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Fife Branch News

                        Scottish Regional Annual Dance in Perth 17th  May 2014


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Branch meetiing on 6th August


A few folk have asked if the branch meetiing on 6th August is going ahead given the invite from RSM Stuart Bowie to go along to the Regiment's Summer Event.

The meeting WILL go ahead at 1400 hrs as there are a couple of things that have to be discussed.


The meeting will be kept short and those who wish to attend the event can go along to Elgin Street as soon as it's finished.

The event is timed to start at 1330 hrs but Stuart will understand if the branch members turn up a wee bit later.




Reply from RSM Stuart Bowie 


Please don't let my event interfere in association business.


The Summer function starts early but will go on into the evening.


People are more than welcome to arrive at a time that suits them.

The Regional Committee and members of the Fife Branch manned the Association recruiting table at the open day held by 154 (Scottish) Regiment RLC. in Elgin Street Dunfermline on Saturday 30th July.