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Scottish                        Region

Minutes of Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch


Chairman; John Todd

18 Warriston Crescent


G33 2JP


Secretary; Amanda McNamara

9 Moidart Crescent


G52 1AZ







The Chairman opened the meeting at 19:40 hrs


1st February 2019


Members Attending


* 27 members in attendance.




* Bob Barren


* Sandy David


* Bill Glen


* Don Gorman


* Karen Lafferty


* Barbara Bleakly


* Anna Richardson


* George McQuade


* Paul Priestly


* Stuart Cameron


* Ray Cairns


* Stephen Heron


* David Hutchison


* Robert Creighton


* George Mitchell


* Gary Wallace


* Hector McKinlay


* Frank Healy


* Darrell Scott


* John Anderson


* Billy Cullen


* John Higgins




* Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.


* Minutes from the January meeting, including AGM, were read and passed as a correct record by Billy Dilworth and Frankie Healy.


* Chairman is waiting for 2IC to get in touch with regards to a date for our meeting/curry night.


* 2018 dinner on 23rd February: formal attire to be worn. Menu is still being discussed – will be emailed/posted on Facebook as soon as we have it. For those who cannot make it, there is the choice to carry the payment over to 2019’s dinner, or donate it. The Chairman of the Scottish Region, Duncan Forbes, and Lt. Col. Jonathan Knowles (rtd.) will be in attendance.




* Letter from Duncan Forbes to confirm attendance at our dinner.


* Email from Lt. Col. Knowles to confirm attendance at our dinner.




* Chairman spoke on application for medals; James Maley recently applied and was awarded his VRSM, which the Chairman had mounted along with his other medals. Congratulations, Jimmy!














* Chairman asked for suggestions as to dates and locations for our Summer Outing, possibly a bus run to Edinburgh? Secretary will accept emailed/Facebook message suggestions and will create a poll, which will be on the Members Only page, and emailed out.


* Chairman spoke on 2019 dinner – what month would be preferable? Venues? Suggestions to Secretary please.


* 221 Christmas night will be on Friday 20th December this year; again, the Association are all welcome. Those who attended last year had a great night and encouraged all others to attend.


* Frankie Healy spoke on an email from Andy McArthur re a charity event (Classic Cars and Bikes) at Summerlea Museum on 28th April; details will be emailed and posted to Facebook.


* Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer gave full details to Branch.


* Treasurer also has the ordered decals for members; please collect and pay.


Meeting closed at 20:00 hrs.


Next meeting 1st March 2019 19:30 hrs

thumbnail_Jimmy Maley medals 01.02.19