Royal Army Service Corps & Royal Corps of Transport Association

Scottish Region

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Minutes of Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch


Chairman; John Todd

18 Warriston Crescent


G33 2JP


Secretary; Amanda McNamara

9 Moidart Crescent


G52 1AZ








The Chairman opened the meeting at 19:55 hrs 2nd February 2018


Members Attending - 31 members in attendance.


Apologies - Gary Burns.



- 1 minute silence held for Major John Innes.

- Chairman thanked 221 Sqn for use of the facilities.

- Minutes were read from the previous meeting and passed as correct.

- Chairman discussed need for a secretary; we have permission to appoint someone non-military in this role.

Chairman proposed Amanda McNamara; seconded by Hector McKinlay. Amanda took her seat at the table.


- Volunteers for committee are as follows:

Samuel Bleakley

Ian Lamb

George McQuade

Alan McNamara

Billy Cullen


These were proposed by Frank Healy and seconded by Iain Dargie.

- Rab Creighton brought up previous point of imposing a ban on members walking out of office.


Chairman has sought advice; we are entitled to impose ban of 2-5yrs. Hector suggested we make it official that if office is terminated within the year without good reason then the ban should be imposed.


Alan McNamara proposed a 2yr ban; seconded by Ged Cushley. Chairman to contact Branch re wording.



- Further to this, no member should hold more than one office; proposed by Hector McKinlay, seconded by Billy Cullen.


- The Facebook page is now up and running; anyone not on please speak to Chairman or Amanda. Chairman has asked that we are careful as to what we post on this page; nothing derogatory, etc.


- Erskine donation – members spoke in length and agreed not to give the donation at the moment as we need it to get things up and running with so many new members. Sandy fully agreed with this, advising that we leave the money intact until we see what we want to do and can decide at a later date.



- Major John Innes funeral; 19th Feb 2018 at 10.30 hrs, Dalnotter Cemetery, Clydebank. As many members as possible, berets, medals etc – been requested by Mrs. Innes.


- Branch Spring Trip; 4 days in Manchester, 3 days in Blackpool, £395 for accommodation and travel. Speak to Chairman if interested.


- Treasurer Report:


The Branch Current Account has a healthy balance.  Members wishing details can contact the Branch Treasurer.


11 new memberships (7 at end of year) resurrection of the Branch.


- £12 a year towards Christmas Dinner, we can also ask for a grant from Deepcut towards Spring/Summer outing and Regimental Dinner. If interested in the Dinner, speak to Chairman.


- Hector McKinlay not happy about an email re complaint of conduct; Deepcut supporting Deepcut? Apology has been given. He is happy to move on.


- We have 104 members on book; all members to contact others to let them know who we are, change of premises, etc to draw people back. Martin Gibson?


- Chairman waiting on list coming from Deepcut for addresses etc as our list is very old.


- Secretary suggested those not on Facebook give their email address for updates.


- Chairman has suggested a Breakfast Club on Sundays, perhaps in the Kirkhouse? Maybe once every three months – have a think and come back to us.


- Alan McNamara asked about plans for the committee to get together to throw ideas for the future – thinking Battlefield tours, etc, which need organisation.


Chairman would like to find dates for committee to get together soon. Chairman and Vice Chairman are looking into having a fundraiser to discount trips, etc.


- Chairman mentioned that the RBLS Riders get discounted tickets for the Dress Rehearsal at the Edinburgh Tattoo and that he will look into getting some for our Branch.


Meeting closed at 20:25 hrs.


Next meeting 2nd March 2018 19:30 hrs