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Scottish                        Region

Minutes of Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch


Chairman; John Todd

18 Warriston Crescent


G33 2JP


Secretary; Amanda McNamara

9 Moidart Crescent


G52 1AZ






[email protected]





The Chairman opened the meeting at 19:36 hrs 7th February 2020


Members Attending


- 15 members in attendance.



- John Anderson

- Bob Barron

- Raymond Cairns

- Stuart Cameron

- Stephen Cogan

- Robert Creighton

- Billy Cullen

- Ged Cushley

- Ian Dargie

- Sandy David

- Billy Dilworth

- Stephen Donovan

- Michael Emans

- Tam Forrester

- Mark Garrity

- Jimmy Greenshields

- Bill Glen

- Don Gorman

- Cameron Gulline

- Scott Harvey

- Ernest Hayes

- Frank Healy

- Frankie Healy

- Stephen Heron

- Paul Hettmann

- John Higgins

- David Hutchison

- Stephen Kenny

- Karen Lafferty

- Andy McArthur

- George McCulloch

- Sandy McInally

- George McQuade

- George Mitchell

- James Neilly

- Paul Priestly

- Tracey Smith-O’Neill

- John Sneddon

- John Todd

- Gary Wallace

- Jim Whitelaw



- Vice-Chairman Paul Clark took the seat this evening; Chairman sends his apologies.


- Vice-Chairman shared that last week’s Annual Dinner was a great success, everyone enjoyed it, and thanks have been passed on to the Squadron and Gill. The guests also very much enjoyed their evening.


- The lift has now been fixed, there was a weight issue for it. We must now limit numbers within it.


- Minutes from the January meeting were read and passed as correct by Gary Burns and Hector McKinlay.




- Email from Regional Chairman Duncan Forbes, who is stepping down at the meeting in April; Vice-Chairman Benny McHale will step up until a replacement is found.


- Neil Porter is now the Secretary in Perth.


- Cathie Forbes sent an email to ask the members about the Regional website – it costs a great deal to run it, and has not seen much traffic of late, as most people seem to be using the individual Branch Facebook pages. Our members were unanimously in favour of getting rid of it.


- Regional Dance is 30th May in Perth as always.




- Gary Burns asked where we were with the Millport trip; Vice-Chairman responded that we will have to check with Michael Emans. Hector McKinlay added that it was always the traditional trip and would be good to go back to this. Vice-Chairman agreed with this, especially as Edinburgh last year proved to be so expensive.


- Treasurer reported that as of 31st January, we have a healthy balance in the bank. . He added we have two spare Branch pins at £4 each; Walter Kelly

bought one.


- John Higgins mentioned getting football cards for the Branch; Vice-Chairman says the Chairman is looking into this, and will speak on it next month.


- Darrell Scott suggested that in order to advertise our Branch, could we put out a message that everyone could share via Facebook on the Glasgow Public page; Secretary will sort this.


- Vice-Chairman asked that members think about dates for Summer Trip; May or June possibly best to avoid holidays, etc.


- Treasurer spoke on grants from the Association, and how we could split funds if we wanted to do two trips, for example. Special Grants can be requested for trips to the Battlefields, etc. Members had a big discussion on this, as it is something all are in favour of doing. Darrell suggested a poll on Facebook.


- The Squadron has put on training for the operation of the lift, which we will be invited to send members to.


Meeting closed at 20:16hrs.


Next meeting 6 th March 2020 19:30hrs