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Scottish                        Region

Minutes of Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch


Chairman; John Todd

18 Warriston Crescent


G33 2JP


Secretary; Amanda McNamara

9 Moidart Crescent


G52 1AZ







The Chairman opened the meeting at 19:50 hrs 2nd November 2018


Members Attending


32 members in attendance.



Bob Barren

Don Gorman

Karen Lafferty

Sammy Bleakly

Anna Richardson

Andy Hutchison

Paul Priestly

Sandy Roberts

Ian Lamb

John McBurnie

Stuart Cameron

Mark Garrity

Stephen Donovan

David Hutchison

Gary Burns




Chairman welcomed all to the meeting; apologies were read out.


VRSM awards have arrived for James Maley and John McBurnie.


Chairman gave thanks to Treasurer Alan McNamara for laying the wreath on behalf of the Branch at the Opening of the Garden of Remembrance in Glasgow on Tuesday 30th October.


Gary Wallace is here this evening with his vehicles from the Western Desert Recce Group WWI Project; the vehicles are available to look at after the meeting in the garage, however, the presentation is not linking to the projector and so unfortunately we cannot see that this evening.


Chairman thanked Frankie Healy for once again providing food for after the meeting.


Minutes from the October meeting were read; Jimmy Greenshields and Andy Russell passed these as a correct record.


Chairman asked if everyone finally has their tie and blazer badge, and have all paid? Secretary and Treasurer confirmed numbers. Secretary to post/email about a second tie order.


In regards to Hector McKinlay’s proposal regards to ‘gratuity’ payments. Secretary was asked to leave the room. Discussion held re this by members in attendance. Payment of £100 to Secretary proposed and seconded by Chairman John Todd and Frankie Healy.




Letter from Maurice Walsh re his appointment as Regional Secretary


Letter re fake Poppy products; be sure to only buy from Poppyscotland and RBL.


Invitation to the Royal Society of Edinburgh; email forwarded to all Members.


Information re Poppyscotland Welfare Servics; email forwarded to all Members.


Letter re Regional Dance, Saturday 8th June 2019, Salutation Hotel. Info re rooms read out. Members to book if they wish, for others we will look into a minibus.


Letter from Deepcut with cheque for £400 towards our Christmas dinner.


Letter from Regional Chairman Duncan Forbes accepting our invite to our Christmas Dinner.


Notes from Regional AGM read out.




Treasurer’s report; RBS have messed us about yet again; no up to date statements, but Chairman is fully informed. RLC Shop took two months to cash cheque sent, which didn’t help our accounts.


Treasurer spoke on ‘Justice for Northern Ireland’ campaign; there is a protest at Kentigern House in Glasgow on 23rd November at 10.30am. You do not need to have served to show your support, please come along and bring as many people as you can.


Treasurer reiterated letter received re fake poppy badges; informed members he has brought along centenary poppies. Would also like to see more of our members collecting next year; suited and booted as it really attracts people to donate.


Colin MacNab spoke on online banking for the Branch; Treasurer explained why he is not comfortable with this option, Colin suggested getting all three names on the account tso all can see the transactions.


Chairman spoke on Remembrance Sunday; we meet at , approx. 0930hrs at Piper’s Bar, then at 1000hrs we walk to form up. After the Service we will be heading back to 221 Sqn. Chairman has emailed 6 Scots RSM to confirm order. Scott Harvey is happy to wear his No. 2’s and be our Stick Man.

Treasurer asked Chairman to confirm mobility scooter access. Lots of non-members want to parade with us; Chairman would rather we were all members, though he won’t turn people away, rather encourage them to join us.


Colin MacNab asked if the Waggoner is available online? Secretary to check.


Secretary has sent update letters to all non-attending members – 70 have gone out!


Chairman spoke on Christmas dinner – Chairman had already intimated to all members that our booked date of 24th November has had to be rearranged due to the chef’s personal issues; the chef is happy to cook for us on our new date. After a unanimous vote, we are looking to the new year for a date; Chairman to arrange with 221 Sqn for a suitable date.  


Three new members this evening – Gary Wallace, Tracey Smith-O’Neill and Barbara Bleakley.




Meeting closed at 20:40 hrs.


Next meeting 7th December 2018 19:30 hrs