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Minutes of the Regional Meetings


10 AOCB.    Glasgow Branch intimated  that they would be attending the annual service to be held in

The North Glasgow College on 26th July 2014.


Fife Branch asked if they could hire a bus for the Regional Function. The Chairman explained how expenses were reimbursed but asked for costs.


Agreed to give Mrs Forbes a bouquet of flowers for her work in running the web site.


Noted that none of the Committee from East Kilbride had attended because of other engagements and that no report had been submitted. Concern was expressed especially as a recruiting flier had been sent to the Branch by the Vice Chairman as well as advising the Branch of a possible recruiting opportunity a few months ago. There were doubts about the viability of the Branch. A member of the Committee would visit again at their AGM to see what is happening.


The date of the next meeting to be 15 March 2014 in the Perth Sports & Social Club 18 St Leonard St Perth. Perth Branch agreed to order the lunch.


There being no further business the meeting closed.