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Minutes of the Fife Branch

Minutes of the meeting held on 4 May 2019

Held in British Legion Dunfermline


Chairman opened the meeting at 1400 hrs.




Present:                 Benny McHale and 25 other members.


Apologies:            John Ramsay, George Redpath, Dick Peden, Derek Ritchie,  

Mick Hanlon, Mark Mournahan.


Minutes:               Proposed By Fred Mayne and

Seconded by Maurice Parkyn.  


There was a discussion about the Xmas Venue and it was confirmed that the dance will be held in the White Heather on 14 Dec.


Treasurers Report:  The Branch account has a healthy balance


Welfare:               Pete Copeland is a lot better.  Matt Malcolm and Bill Mason are back in the fold.  Frank Rougvie is to be given a visit.


Raffle winners:    B McHale, P Shields, T McKinney, J McConkey, S Ellis and K Miller.                  


Games Night:      The games night will be held on 11 May in the Railway Tavern commencing at 1700 hrs. It was put to the members who would be attending and 9 members raised their hands.


Scottish American Memorial Day will be held in West Princess Street gardens on 27th May.  Commencing at 1300hrs.


Scots Guards are holding a memorial day for Op Banner and other NI tours. If you served in NI you are quite welcome to go along.


This will be held on 18th May timings are as follows:-


                             1000hrs           Bar open

                             1015hrs           Old and Bold slide show

                             1330hrs           Toast to the Queen and absent friends

                             1345hrs           Photo session

                             1400hrs           Raffle

                             1430hrs           Food

                             1500hrs           Auction

                             1530hrs           War stories from those still standing.



AFD Alloa is on the is on 31st May and timings and loctations for pickup are as on last months minutes.


Rosyth Gala will be held on 25th May and form up time will be 1000hrs.


Next Meeting  


Is on 1st June to be held in the British Legion Dunfermline.


The meeting was closed at 1545hrs.



After Note:


On Thurs 13th June 2019 at 1000 – 1330hrs in Royal British Legion, 50 North Bridge Street, Bathgate



There will be a chance for veterans to air their views on what is important to them, which, in turn will feed into a debate in the Scottish Parliament in October.


If you have any points you want raised but cant make it to Bathgate, pass on your points to Maurice Walsh and he will ensure that your views are passed on.