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9th January 2016


The branch met in the Ex-servicemen's Club, Admiralty Road, Rosyth at 14.00 hours.


1. The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming the members and he wished them all a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2016.


2. APOLOGIES: Apologies were tendered from: Tony Tortolano, Jimmy Copeland, Mick McHale. Pete Smith, Dick Peden, Mick Hanlon, Stuart McArthur, George Redpath, Matt Erskine, Tom McKinney, Norrie McGregor, Derek Ritchie, Debbie Cooper & Ian Buchanan.


3. MINUTES: The minutes of the previous meeting were not available.


4. The chairman notified the branch of the resignation of the branch secretary. Due to pressure of work Mick felt unable to continue in the post. W. Miller will assume the duties until the appointment of a new branch secretary.


5. Treasurer’s Report. The chairman read a report from the treasurer advising the branch was still in good financial state and he still had the £30 float safely in his “pooch”.


6. WELFARE: The chairman notified the branch of the death of John (Jock) Allan, formerly of 239 Sqn and latterly SSM(V) of 231 Sqn. Jock had also served with the Regiments Recruit Training Team and was known to many of the branch members. Benny invited as many of those who wished to attend Jock’s funeral to meet at the Kirkcaldy Crematorium on Thursday 14th January at 1455 hrs.


7. Social : It was agreed that once the event got off to a start it had been a successful and enjoyable evening. The lack of music at the beginning was noted and Tom McKinney will be approached in future to ensure music is played during the early stages of the evening. Ken commented on the lack of “Christmas” at the event. i.e. no decorations, no tree, crackers, party hats, etc. He also commented on the poor quality of plastic cutlery provided by the caterer and suggested that in future better cutlery should be insisted upon for hot buffet or we should have only cold buffet food. The chairman said all the comments would be taken on board and that events would not be arranged at such short notice in future.


8. RAFFLE: A raffle for donated prizes was held and winners this month were: Fred Mayne, Dave Johnstone, John McGregor, Alex Page, John McConkey & Ken Stone.


9. AOCB.

i. The chairman advised that Maj Gen Carrington, Association President would shortly attain the age of 80 and that the Scottish Region Chairman had sent a birthday card on behalf of the Region.


ii. The chairman advised that the Scottish Region Dance was being held in Perth on 14th May and numbers were limited due to the size of the barracks. He asked for names of those wishing to attend ASAP, no later than the next monthly meeting.


iii. John McGregor advised that the Ex-Servicemen’s Club secretary had requested he invite the members of the branch to become full members of the club at a reduced fee of £5 per annum. He would take names of those wishing to take up the offer after the meeting.


iv. David Johnstone passed on an invitation from his Darts Club to hold a games night with the members of the branch. This would happen after the “darts season” closed, around July some time if the branch wished to take up the challenge. The question of an inter-branch competition between us and the Perth branch was again mentioned and the chairman will pursue this. David was asked to bring forward a specific date later in the year for his proposal.


v. The question of the progress of obtaining a trophy cabinet for the branch was again mentioned as the games trophies were currently not on display but held in the committee room of the club. This will be pursued over the next month.


10. NEXT MEETING: The next meeting of the branch will be on Saturday 6th February 2016 in the Rosyth Ex-servicemen's Club at 1400 hrs. This will be the Annual General Meeting of the club at which the Officials and committee members will be elected for the following year.


There being no further business,

The Chairman closed the meeting.