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Minutes of the Fife Branch

Minutes of the meeting held on 6 April 2019


Held in British Legion Dunfermline


Vice Chairman opened the meeting at 1410 hrs.


Present : Alex Page and 15 other members.




Matt Erskine, Allan Robertson, Mick Hanlon, Richard Peden, George Redpath, Stuart McArthur, Jim Brown, Tam McKinney, Davie Johnstone, Fred Thomson, Benny McHale, Mick McHale, Tony Boyle, Tony Tortolano, Bill Mason, Keith Miller, Mark Mornahan, Matt Malcolm, Pete Smith,



Proposed by Fred Mayne, seconded by Pete Shields


Treasurers In the bankthe branch account continues to show a healthy balance.



Matt Malcolm is on the mend. Bill Mason is unwell at the moment, no info on the cause.


Raffle Winners:  

Pete Shields, Alex Page, George Entwistle, Jim Fury, Andy Wells, John McConkie, Sten Robertson, John McGregor, Maurice Parkyn and Bill Black.


AOB Op Banner 50.

After a long discussion and taking into account the cost of accommodation and Travel it was decided on a NIL return.


Corps Weekend 13-14 July 2019:  

Will be attended by Maurice Parkyn with the branch standard


D Day Vets:  

As we have no members who were at the D Day or Normandy landings a NIL return will Be submitted.


AFD Alloa: There will be a bus provided for this event and provisional timings are as follows


Woodside Inn Glenrothes 0730 hrs


Bus Station Kirkcaldy 0745 hrs


Railway Tavern Cardenden 0800 hrs


Wee Asda Dunfermline 0815 hrs


Wee Club Rosyth 0830 hrs


Xmas Dance Venue:

There were four locations put forward and a vote was held to find out which location the members preferred and the result of the vote were as follows;


Royal British Legion:          0 votes


Rosyth Civil Service Club: 1 vote


Railway Tavern:                 2 votes


White Heather Kirkcaldy:   7 votes


It has been decided that the Xmas dance will be held in the White Heather in Kirkcaldy. A provisional Booking has been made for the 13th Dec but Fred Mayne and Maurice Parkyn are going through to discuss if we can change that date to the 14th Dec.


Next Meeting Will be held on 4th May 19 in RBL Dunfermline at 1400 hrs.


There being no other business the meeting closed at 1530 hrs