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Minutes of Aberdeen Branch









8th FEBRUARY 2018 @ 7.45PM






112. Apologies Mr I Leslie


113. Welcome The chairman thanked for a good attendance also Mr McHale the


Scottish Regional Vice-Chairman. The secretary announced the


Passing of Major John Innes ex 154 Regt also National Treasurer


For the RASC/RCT Association (UK). The Chairman asked to stand


For a silent tribute. A Sympathy card was sent to his widow.


114. Minutes Minutes of the last meeting held on 10th February 2017 are a


True record.


Proposed by Mr J Gall


Seconded by Mr D Fraser




115. Matters Arising Nil


116. Chairman’s Report A vote of thanks for all those who attended the following.


Armed Forces/Veterans Parade in June 17, The Regional Function held at Perth in May, Remembrance Services at Kaimhill and Cowdry Hall Aberdeen Council Civic Parade. Some members were


Unable to march but joined up at the 22 Social Club. Look forward to another successful year which will include the 50thevent on the 8th September.


117. Secretary’s Report Scottish Regional Function at Perth 12 May at the Salutation


Hotel for 7pm those wishing to attend names in by the 1 April Tickets are £26 per head also menu choice selected prior.


Armed Forces/Veterans Parade 30th June 2018 as per previous


Years. Aberdeen UOTC will host us at Gordon Barracks Village


Including displays and Beat Retreat by the Massed Bands.


Remembrance Services dates Friday 9th November at


Kaimhill Crematorium, Aberdeen Council Civic Parade


Cowdry Hall Sunday 11th November. Scottish Membership total


Stands at 5,120 Corp Weekend on the 28th July, Move from Deepcut


To Worthdown in the spring 2020, Benevolence in 2017 99 cases


Costing £81,000 + £40,000 nursing home fees, RASC/RCT


Association funds now incorporated with RLC Association Trust


Fund, Scottish Region has become members of the Veterans


Scotland for a yearly fee £70 Mr B McHale gave a general outline,


The Aberdeen Council intend to hold a Anniversary to the RAF in


Reaching 100 years, The Perth Branch are organising a bus trip on


25th June till 2 July Staying a Leeds for 4 nights followed by 3 nights


Blackpool cost £365 per head contact Ally Stirton at Perth Branch.


Recommendations by the committee the following guests be invited


Lt Col Knowles RCT, Lt Col Evans Commanding Officer AUOTC


Lord Provost of Aberdeen, Mr Duncan Forbes Scottish Region Association Chairman, and Cost set at £40 per head, Arrival Drinks


(Preseco). Photo shoot, Meal with Port to toast Queen,


Association, Absent friends, Speeches also presentation.


118. Treasurers’ Report The Treasurer gave a report for the year 2017 and intimated


to the Branch the balance as at last statement £1,489.90.


Proposed by Mr J Young


Seconded by Mr Main




119. Election of Officials Post of President Proposed by Mr S Milne


Seconded by Mr J Gall


That Mr A Main be nominated.




Post of Chairman Proposed by Mr D Fraser


Seconded by Mr G Fenton


That Mr J Cunningham be nominated.




Post of Secretary Proposed by Mr J Cunningham


Seconded by Mr B Neave


That Mr J Clark be nominated.




Post of Treasurer Proposed by Mr J Young


Seconded by Mr A Quin


That Mr J Gordon be nominated.




Mr D Fraser volunteered to assist the treasurer.


120. AOCB Proposed by Mr D Fraser


Seconded by Mr G Fenton


That the cost of a ticket £40per head.




Proposed by Mr D Fraser


Seconded by Mr C Taylor


That Mr J Young will produce the Menu for the 50th event.




A vote of thanks by the Treasurer for Mike Plowan auditing the


Account but suggested the account was in good order possibly


He may have a volunteer to assist with the position? Mr D Fraser


Stepped into the breach.


121. Montage Award 2017 year winner is Mr Tommy Booth presented by the outgoing President Mr D Fraser.


122. NEXT MEETING Thursday 13th April 2017 at 7.45pm Twenty Two Social Club.


123. Meeting closed at 2045. Supper was served


Mr Jim Clark Secretary Original copy signed James Clark


Mr John Cunningham Chairman Original copy signed John Cunningham




12th APRIL 2018 @ 7.45PM








112. Apologies


Mr Jim Clark. Mr John Gall, Mr Bryan Neave, Mr Douglas Fraser,  Mr Kenny Fulton  


113. Welcome  


The Chairman asked for a minutes silence in  Remembrance of past members.  


114. Minutes


Minutes of the last meeting held on 12th October 2017 are a True record.


Proposed by  Mr A Main    

Seconded by  Mr C Taylor




115.Matters Arising     Nil


116.Chairman’s Report


The following salient points were raised.


The 50th Anniversary event the photographer has been booked.


All tickets will have to paid by the 14th July 2018 (£40).


Consideration will be given to those who find the cost hard to bear.


Proposed by Mr Ian Rob

Seconded by Mr Dave Cowie.




Proposed by Mr John Cunningham,

Seconded by Mr Dave Cowie


That  Mr Les Thomson be invited to the 50th Event for past services to the Branch




Proposed by Mr Tom Booth

Seconded by Mr Ian Robb


That the sum of £10 per member attending the Scottish Region Dance at Perth. (£60)




Proposed by Mr A Main

Seconded by Mr Dave Cowie


That a sum of £50 be allocated to Provide hospitality at the Armed Forces/Veterans Parade on 30th June 2018.




Proposed by Mr Jim Clark

Seconded by Mr John Cunningham


That we hold a Ladies Night on the 30th November in the RUA Social Club.

Entertainment by BLITZ , catering arrangements will be informed at a later meeting.




117.Secretary’s Report


Branch AGM 17th February 2018.

17 members attended Mr Benny McHale the Scottish Region Vice-Chair was in attendance. Mr Douglas Fraser stood down as President due to work commitemen’s. The Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary and treasurer all will stand for another year.


The Armed Forces/Veterans Parade will be held on 30th June.

This year the Parade will have to sanctioned by 51 Brigade Commander failing this the

Aberdeen Council will still hold the Parade down Union Street on reaching King Street

The Parade will disperse and finish. We may retire to a suitable venue.



Will be held on Saturday 21st April at the St Machar Cathedral for 11AM.  Standard and bearer can attend along with other Regimental Corps, and any member wishing to attend.


118.Treasurers’ Report


The Treasurer intimated to the Branch that the account continues to show a healthy balance.




Scotland will receive 12 tickets for the London Cenotaph Parade.


Each Branch will be allotted 2 per places. Any Branch not requiring theirs can return them to the Region secretary for other Branches who can use them.  




14thJune at 7.45pm, Twenty Two Club.  




Please find attached Head Quarters Chairman/Secretary Reports.  


122.Meeting closed at 2030.


Mr Jim ClarkSecretary

Original copy signed James Clark


Mr John CunninghamChairman

Original copy signed John Cunningham