Royal Army Service Corps & Royal Corps of Transport Association

Scottish Region

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Minutes of Aberdeen Branch










062. Apologies Mr J Gall, Mr W Booth, Mr B Neave





063. Welcome

The chairman thanked members for a good attendance also Mr Donald from Inverness and Mr McHale the Scottish Regional Vice-chairman.


064. Minutes

Minutes of the last meeting held on 11th February 2016 are a True record.


Proposed by Mr G Fenton

Seconded by Mr A Main




065. Matters Arising Points to be discussed at AOCB. Fees, Annual Conference

Members & partners who wish to attend Regional Function Perth also B&B costs?


066. Chairman’s Report

A vote of thanks for all those who attended the following.

Armed Forces/Veterans Parade in June 16. Due to work


Commitments I was unable to attend. (Highland Show)


Remembrance Services at Kaimhill and Cowdry Hall


Aberdeen Council Civic Parade. Some members were


Unable to march but joined up at the 22 Social Club.


067. Secretary’s Report Scottish Regional Function at Perth 20 May at the Salutation


Hotel for 7pm those wishing to attend names in by the 30 March.


Armed Forces/Veterans Parade 24th June 2017 as per previous


Years Aberden UOTC will host us at Gordon Barracks Village


Including displays and Beat Retreat by the Massed Bands.


Remembrance Services dates Friday 10th November at


Kaimhill Crematorium, Aberdeen Council Civic Parade


Cowdry Hall Sunday 12th November.


Wales & Western Region are holding a Reunion at the


Doric Hotel in Blackpool on 17/19th November those who


Wish to attend costs are £105 per person Dinner B&B.


Commemoration dates 100th Battle of Arras 9th April in


France also Edinburgh Castle those wishing to attend the


Edinburgh Service is by invitation only names ASAP.


44 Scottish Battalions were involved in 1917 along side


Canadians and others.


068. Treasurers’ Report The Treasurer gave a report for the year 2016 and intimated


to the Branch the balance as at last statement £1,592.84.


Proposed by Mr J Young


Seconded by Mr Quin




069. Election of Officials The President asked the current official’s for a Status Quo


For the year 2017. They all agreed to stand.


070. AOCB a.The memorial outside St Marks Church in Union Terrace are


Looking for a new site in Aberdeen/Shire area.


b. It was suggested by the Chairman should we raise the fees


to £15 per year this was defeated.


c. Annual Conference at Deepcut Delegate only to attend from


the Branch as in previous years.


d. Scottish Regional Function tickets are £20 per member


and wife £25 for guests cut off date 30th March. B&B costs


grant may be in the region of £30 per member.


e. Vote of Thanks by Mr Ian Paterson for the Branch Officials


for the excellent work during 2106.


f. Games Night Thursday 9th March.


g. Altens Military Museum visit date to be confirmed later.


h. A Day Trip to be considered with a grant from Deepcut.


I. The Montage Award was presented to Mr Roy Ingram by the


President Mr Doug Fraser.


071. NEXT MEETING Thursday 13th April 2017 at 7.45pm Twenty Two Social Club.


072. Meeting closed at 2030. Supper was served


Mr Jim Clark Secretary Original copy signed James Clark


Mr John Cunningham Chairman Original copy signed John Cunningham





12th October 2017 @ 7.45PM









092. Apologies Mr Ian Leslie, Mr John Moore, Mr Ian Strathie


093. Welcome The Chairman asked for a minutes silence in Remembrance of past members.


094. Minutes of the last meeting held on 10th August 2017 are a True record.


Proposed by Mr J Gall


Seconded by Mr W Booth




095. Matters Arising All corrections and omissions were corrected.


Union Street (Union Terrace), Centenary (Anniversary)


Funeral collection (Cornhill Hospital). The vote for to end The Annual Conference was passed by a majority decision At the Conference at Deepcut on 30th September 2017.


096. Chairman’s Report St Andrews Ladies Dinner Night on the 24th November at

Oldmacher Legion we require numbers attending ASAP.


Also a suitable gift for the Ladies will be provided.


097. Secretary’s Report 2016 Benevolence Cases were 99 nationally costing £81 thousand pounds with an average of £80 pounds per case.


In place of the Annual Conference the secretary could attend the Regional Annual General Meeting. The RASC/RCT Association


May be dissolved by a resolution of two thirds of the members


Rule 2.04 applies. Remembrance Services are as follows Friday


10th November at Kaimhill Crematorium 10:30are for 10:1045 hrs.


11th November Aberdeen Football Club 10:30 for 10:1045am.


Remembrance Sunday 12th November Aberdeen Council along With the British Legion Scotland and Aberdeen Councillors at Cowdry Hall Memorial 10:30 for 10:45 am. Standard required at


All services with wreath layer and escort.


098. Treasurers’ Report The Treasurer intimated to the Branch that the balance as at September 2017 statement xxxxxx.


099. AOCB a. Proposed by Mr A Main Seconded by Mr J Gall


That Mr A Quin plays the role of Santa Clause at the Ladies


Dinner Night on 24th November.




b. Colour Party as follows for all services.


Mr Roy Ingram Standard, Mr John Young and Mr John Moore


c. Scottish Regional Annual Dance 2018 will be held at the Salutation


Hotel Perth on Saturday 12th May. Book now for accommodation.


d. We all sang happy birthday for Mr Sandy Main for reaching his


80th year no drinks were forth coming!!!!


e. Mr Bryan Neave our associate member is to have surgery to remove


Three toes in order to save his leg. We all wish him the very best.


f. Mr Stuart Milne gave us a report of the 2017 Annual Conference.


Membership now stands at 5,000 an increase of 1,000 due to the Tank Transport Branch joining the Association this year. Several Branches are to amalgamate due to low numbers. 128 Branches in 1955 almost half have gone by 2017. Corp weekend will be held on


28/29th July 2018 all events to take place in the Aldershot area.


MOD is to reduce Costs by 30% thereby less civilian staff to run the


Day to day running. Many Branches still hold yearly functions with Good attendance. The move to Worthy-Down will be spring 2020.


Lt Colonel Knowles intends to retire with a new man in the chair?


Remembrance Crosses will be supplied by Headquarters this year At the garden of Remembrance in St Paul’s London.


Colonel Will passed away December 2016 he was the Controller of the Association for a number of years.


100. NEXT MEETING Thursday 14th December 2017 at 7.45pm Twenty Two Social Club.


101. Meeting closed at 2030.


Mr Jim Clark Secretary

Original copy signed James Clark


Mr John Cunningham Chairman

Original copy signed John Cunningham